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BIM Collaboration Beyond Revit: Part 1, Revit Server

Posted on October 28, 2014 by Bill Knittle, Synergis Building Solutions Engineer: Today’s building projects are pushing the collaborative effort to near real-time transfer of information. The internet (or the cloud) is allowing distributed project teams to integrate their efforts. Autodesk provides solutions that allow this complex social experiment to become reality. Let’s start small and just look at collaborating

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BIMopedia Tip: Copy/Monitor in Revit – Example

If you haven’t checked out BIMopedia yet, it is a great place to see information and tips that could help you stay ahead with BIM. This week, Ben Malone offers a short video to demonstrate how the Copy/Monitor function works in Revit. If you found this helpful, thank them by subscribing to BIMopedia  now to continue to get their updates

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