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Synergis partners with 3DR to offer Site Scan, the premier aerial analytics platform for reality capture and cloud analysis

Synergis has partnered with 3DR, North America’s leader in commercial drone technologies. 3DR creates Site Scan, the premier aerial data capture and analytics platform that enables customers to safely, quickly and easily inspect, survey and scan work sites with the Solo smart drone and seamlessly deliver that data to the cloud for processing and analytics. We are excited to work together

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Flip It: Leica ScanStation P40 scans upside down

Cement and concrete supplier finds unique application for the Leica ScanStation P40. An above ground opening was growing, causing a safety issue on a site in Vera Cruz, Mexico. With innovative thinking, the Leica ScanStation was inverted to capture the required data. Cementos Moctezuma needed to measure and monitor the shaft radius. Secondary to this, was the need to measure

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