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PLM 360 Design Considerations: Options for Handling Tabular Data

Posted October 28, 2013 by David Wyer, Synergis Data Management Solutions Engineer: PLM has three different ways to handle tabular data – as items in a workspace, as rows in a matrix field on an item tab, or as rows in a grid tab. This post will examine the difference between these options and present a short overview of how

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Happy Friday Tip 1: Inputs and Outputs in AutoCAD Electrical

Every Friday in December we will be posting some tips on AutoCAD Electrical.  Todd Schmoock, Solutions Engineer and AU speaker, is in the field answering client questions face-to-face each day.  Then he takes the time to write out the most popular answers to help more people find information.  It’s just one more way that we show you how to stay

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The Anatomy of a PLM 360 Tenant

I recently had the privilege of attending two Autodesk PLM 360 classes, and I would like to share some of what I learned with you. I will be writing and reviewing PLM  and to start off, let’s just define the Anatomy of a PLM. A PLM 360 tenant contains one or more workspaces working either individually or in concert to

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