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Sorting in Sheet Set Manager Model Tool: AutoCAD Platform Tools

Posted June 18, 2015 by Kevin Spear, Synergis Civil Applications Consultant: I was doing some help desk coverage while other members of the team headed to training at an Autodesk event. This happens every year coinciding with the new releases of the software/applications. So, to get myself warmed up a bit, I took a stroll down to the Autodesk forums and

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5 Things You Need to Know Now About Data Management in Civil Infrastructure

What are the top five keys to effective data management? See for yourself in this free eBook. Data management is a vital but often neglected element for success in civil engineering projects. Managing your data should be easy, not frustrating—allowing you to focus on the key task at hand: your infrastructure design project. With proper data management you can better

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Civil Engineering Data Translator: With Subscription You Can

What if you could lower your software costs and have the flexibility to bid on projects with competitive specifications? With Autodesk® Infrastructure Design Suite on Subscription* you get access to the tools that give you the ability to improve your workflows and bid on projects with competitive specifications. Now you can easily migrate data between Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D and

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Live Webcast: Civil Engineering Data Translator – Free Cloud Service for Civil Data

Do you need to: Reuse civil engineering project data created by Bentley InRoads or GEOPAK software? Bid on civil engineering projects that require Bentley file formats? Find a streamlined way to move data from Civil 3D to Bentley or vice versa? The new Civil Engineering Data Translator is a Subscription-only service that extends the functionality of AutoCAD Civil 3D by

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Whitepaper: A Framework for Implementing a BIM Business Transformation

There are few experiences that test the mettle of corporate leadership like implementing radical change within a large organization. While business transformations are nothing new to industry, the kind of transformation we are seeing from Building Information Modeling (BIM) today presents a new and unique set of challenges for the infrastructure industry, owing in large part to the technical complexity,

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BIM for Infrastructure: Smarter Designs For Civil Engineers and Designers

Successful civil engineers and designers can quickly adapt to change while weighing the potential impact of their designs.  Learn how Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure can help you create better performing designs in a fast-paced, budget-constrained environment. Challenge: Civil engineers and designers need to balance a number of objectives such as safety, cost, environmental impact, client standards, and more. This requires

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