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Video Tutorial: Fusion 360 – Let’s Model Something for the Beginner

Looking to learn more about Fusion 360?  Then this is the video for you! Synergis’ Dave Breiner has developed a modeling exercise for beginners. Follow along as we model a Toy Wooden Train. In this exercise, we will try a few different ways to model, create holes, extrude, revolve, and apply a material. Toy Wooden Train Drawing

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Pilot a BIM project with this guide of handy checklists, overviews, standards and best practices

Implementing building information modeling into your architecture practice should be undertaken with a well thought-out plan that considers the many factors and individuals involved.  Learn more and find success in your first BIM project with this tested framework.  Read the e-book.

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BIM Pilot: Getting Started Guide

Moving to BIM can seem like a daunting task. This guide provides a simple framework that helps you get started putting BIM into practice in your organization. Building Information Modeling is changing the way people are designing, collaborating, and predict project costs.  Many companies want to move towards a BIM pilot program, but find many stumbling blocks along the way. 

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