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5 Ways Drones are Transforming Construction

Drones—while still a newer kid on the block—are quickly becoming one of the most versatile tools on the construction site. In the last year alone, the construction industry experienced a 239% growth in drone use—higher than any other commercial sector. Here’s a look at some of the ways drones can propel your own organization forward and create better efficiency and

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Using 3DR Site Scan for Volumetric Calculations: 95% Accuracy with 96% Time Savings

Summary: In a typical stockpile measurement scenario, calculating volumes with a drone came within 95% of a laser scanner output with 96% time savings on field data collection. For this customer, adopting drones for regular stockpile measurement led to cost savings of up to 30% and improved operational efficiency.   Business Need: A large aggregate company sells asphalt and readymix

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Synergis partners with 3DR to offer Site Scan, the premier aerial analytics platform for reality capture and cloud analysis

Synergis has partnered with 3DR, North America’s leader in commercial drone technologies. 3DR creates Site Scan, the premier aerial data capture and analytics platform that enables customers to safely, quickly and easily inspect, survey and scan work sites with the Solo smart drone and seamlessly deliver that data to the cloud for processing and analytics. We are excited to work together

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