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NJIT Students Create, Design, and Build with Autodesk

Each year, New Jersey Institute of technology shares student work with us.  These projects all use Autodesk software and are amazing so we wanted to share it with you. Wonderland:Virtual Set Design, Paige Crosby, 3rd Year Digital Design   Wonderland: Virtual Set Design, Jeremy Borghi, 3rd Year Digital Design Residential Interior Design: Foster Home, Amy Cahill and Katarzyna Cyrulik, 3rd

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Girls in STEM Hurdle: Girls Need to Feel Like They Belong

Synergis is one of the oldest Autodesk Education Partners in the country.  We have been working with schools and teachers to prepare each generation of engineers, designers, and architects.  Over the years, we watched the incline of technology in the classroom and tools to help students learn real-world skills.  Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields have all made significant

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