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CAD Management: The Art of Influence

Published on November 8, 2018 As a CAD Manager, you work hard to choose the software and hardware your company should invest in and use. However, sometimes the hardest task of your position is actually the next step – influencing people upstream and downstream to even consider what you’re proposing. Where do you even begin? Synergis Applications Consultant Todd Schmoock

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Robert Green, THE CAD Manager, Presents Three Sessions at SU14

Today’s tools are changing the way that CAD and BIM Managers coordinate, collaborate, and maintain designs.  Robert Green is an industry name in CAD Management because he works hands-on with managers daily.  He knows that challenges and the best practices to handle those challenges. We are happy to announce that he will be returning for Synergis University this year.  Read

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Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Computer Foolish from Robert Green

Our good friend, Robert Green, recently published an article about making wise business decisions about budgeting.  Written for Cadalyst Magazine, the article “Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Computer Foolish”  talks about how aging technology can end up wasting huge amounts of employee time.  With budgets getting tighter each year and businesses expected to produce more with less, is it wise to

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