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Free Webinar: Increase Innovation Capacity, presented by Autodesk

While it’s true that nothing will propel a company further than innovation and “light bulb” moments, it’s also no secret that coming up with big breakthroughs is tough to pull off. Have you ever felt the pressure to innovate, without actually knowing what it means or how to do it? Register for Autodesk’s upcoming webinar tomorrow, July 24 at 2PM

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3ds Max: How to Use the Bevel Profile Modifier

Bill McKown is at it again.  This week he is giving a tip about Autodesk 3ds Max (or 3ds Max Design).  Here is a quick video tip about using the Bevel Profile Modifier feature where he demonstrates how to create a raised wood wainscot panel.  Check our YouTube Channel for more video tips and stay tuned here for future tips.

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Envision Sustainability Rating System for Infrastructure Projects

Earlier this year, the Institute for Sustainability for Infrastructure released a product called Envision that will rate Infrastructure designs for future sustainability to include the projected life span of a project taking into account all the dimensions of sustainability:  economic, social, and environmental. It may be very similar to the LEED certification for building projects. In August, the first class

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