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Synergis60 Webcast: Best of Both Worlds – AutoCAD and Revit Together

It is a common misconception that once you start using REVIT you will abandon AutoCAD. This is SO not true! What about the 1000’s of drawings you created over the years? In this session we will show you how to use AutoCAD and REVIT together to streamline your workflow.  At the end of this session the attendee will:  Learn to

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Webcast: Delivering BIM-Based Structural Detailing Services

The demand for high precision and model coordination on structural projects both large and small is becoming increasingly more prevalent. Join MB BIM as they discuss the new tools available to structural designers, engineers, and detailers helping to reach the needed precision and increasing model coordination.  Additionally, this webcast will cover best practices to implement BIM-based technologies successfully.  This is

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Webcast: The Next Era of Building Design and Construction

Knocking down the historical silos for a more shared, integrated industry – that’s what next level BIM is all about. Companies understanding and adopting these practices deliver more value and services to their customers. This webcast will examine the track record of BIM and how design and construction firms are adopting new technology and practices to transform and evolve their

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BIM for On-Site Safety

Safety on the job-site is often the first concern for many of the contractors we speak to. On-site injuries are an expensive risk to their projects, so reducing these risks is one of the most popular reasons that firms employ Building Information Modeling (BIM). Does safety management increase schedule? Keeping to a tight schedule is important for a contractor’s reputation. 

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BIM for Infrastructure: Smarter Designs For Civil Engineers and Designers

Successful civil engineers and designers can quickly adapt to change while weighing the potential impact of their designs.  Learn how Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure can help you create better performing designs in a fast-paced, budget-constrained environment. Challenge: Civil engineers and designers need to balance a number of objectives such as safety, cost, environmental impact, client standards, and more. This requires

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BIM Collaboration in the Cloud with Autodesk Subscription

What if you could improve coordination and collaboration with the extended team? Autodesk® BIM 360™ Glue® is a cloud-based BIM management and collaboration solution that connects the entire project team and helps streamline BIM project workflows. With virtually anywhere, anytime access to the most recent BIM project models and data and support for over 50 different 3D model and data formats, BIM 360 Glue extends BIM

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