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Manufacturing Trends for 2016

Analysts and experts have identified 10 strategic technology trends for 2016: The Device Mesh Ambient User Experience 3D Printing Materials Information of Everything Advanced Machine Learning Autonomous Agents and Things Adaptive Security Architecture Advanced System Architecture Internet of Things Platforms These trends have the potential for significant impact on the organization such as a high potential for disruption to the

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Revit Users: Read this tip before upgrading to Vault Professional

Posted on November 23, 2015┬áby Product Support Manager, Darin Green Are you using Revit and Vault Professional? Have you upgraded to Vault Professional 2016 and noticed some issues? Make sure you take a look at this tip┬ábefore you perform your upgrade. We had a support case regarding a customer’s inability to search Autodesk Vault from within Revit after upgrading to

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Save time and increase your productivity with AutoCAD 2016

Are you using an older version of AutoCAD? Hesitant to upgrade to the 2016 version? Is the idea of learning new features a little frightening? See the amount of time you could be saving by using AutoCAD 2016.   Read the full study here.

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