Inventor 2017 R2/SP1 Version Release

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Synergis Product Support Specialist, Mark Lancaster

For those users on an active (Inventor or related suite) subscription, you can now download and install the R2 edition (comes with service pack 1) for Inventor 2017.  Subscription users have the option to install either R2/SP1 (through Autodesk Account) or just the service pack if you want too.

Non-subscription customers or those who just want to install SP1 for Inventor 2017 can do so here:

What’s New – Inventor 2017 R2 Edition

  • Measure Distance, Angle, Loop, and Area:
    • The check mark  is now displayed per the default setting of the given document.R2 check
      • In previous version the check mark didn’t appear until you pick a precision value
    • Precision value of the given document is maintained and will not reset on a save/close/open workflow.
    • Setting the precision value can now be selected and saved as part of your template definition/setup.
  • Projects Dialog Interface
    • Configure Content Center function is now a single step process (no longer a pull-down).
      • 2017 R2 Version:R2 1
      • 2017 Version:R2 2
    • Dialogs for Inventor Project Wizard are now resizable.
  • Model Browser
    • Visual display has changed to show a bigger difference between expanded and collapsed states.
    • 2017 R2:R2 3
    • 2017:R2 4
  • Workflow Enhancements
    • Shortcut key ALT+R added to display the Relationship dialog when a feature is selected.
      • Can also be customized in the “Customized User Command” interface.
    • Sketches for parts, assemblies, and flat patterns now maintain the properties (i.e. line type, scale, line weight and etc) when exported as an AutoCAD drawing file.
    • Mini-tool bars for extrude, revolve, fillet/chamfer, shell, face draft, and joint can now be enabled or disabled through the View/User Interface.R2 5
    • Now have the ability to jump back and forth to different points in the undo/redo interface. The history is now shown.R2 6
    • You can now export mesh geometry in DWF format. Open a mesh model such as .stl or .obj and then Export to DWF
  • Part Mode
    • “Make Part” or “Mark Component” is now available in the context (right mouse click) menu when you have multiple solids, sketch blocks, or surfaces.R2 7
    • You can now quickly create a selection set of all the faces or edges tangent to each other.R2 8
      • With left mouse button, double-click a face or an edge.
      • Select one or more faces or one or more edges, right-click, and select “Select Tangencies from the context menu.
    • Assembly Mode
      • Mirror (Component)
        • You can now quickly select from a list of available origin work planes from the assembly Mirror Components dialog box.R2 9
        • Option to maintain (or not maintain) any relationship of the source component after the component has been mirrored.R2 10
        • Option to ground mirrored components.
      • Copy (Component)
        • Just like the mirror function, option to ground and enable/disable copy relationships has been added.
      • You can now select multiple files in the BOM and open all of them through the context (right mouse click) menu.R2 11
    • Drawing Mode
      • Sort/reorder attached item balloons by right mouse clicking on the attach balloons and select “Sort Balloons”.R2 12
        • Sort order as
          • Numeric attached balloons are reordered from smallest to largest.
          • Alpha attached balloons are reordered from A to Z.
        • Solid Hatch
          • Now included as a hatch pattern in Style and Standard Editor.R2 13
            • Thus allowing you to define it as the default hatch pattern for hatch and weld bead styles.R2 14
          • The color of a solid hatch style now confirms to the color defined by the layer settings in the drawing styles editor.
        • Now have the ability to control how the drawing “Defer Update” message is displayed
          • Always show, Prompt Only Once per operation, Do not show again is session, or Do not show this message ever.R2 15
        • You can now select multiple center marks in a drawing and align them to the selected edge. Previously, only the first selected center mark would be aligned.
        • DWG Underlay now fully supports AutoCAD Mechanical Geometry.
        • When exporting revision tables and parts list you can now export them to a Microsoft Excel macro-enabled file (.xlsm) and also specify and Excel macro-enabled template under the export options.
      • Interoperability
        • The related assembly of a referenced model (ANYCAD) or virtual components can now be opened from the BOM and parts list interface using the Open function via the context (right mouse click) menu.
        • Use the new “Property Mapping for Imported CAD Data” tool to easily map properties from CATIA, Pro/Engineer and Creo parametric, NX, STEP, and Solidworks to standard Inventor properties.R2 16R2 23
      • iLogic Interface
        • The input field in the “InputListBox” dialog box now automatically resizes to fit the width of the longest input string.
        • Save button added to the edit rule dialog thus allowing you to save your work without exiting (and running the program).
          • Also the “Save & Run” button replaces the OK button.R2 17
        • Task Scheduler
          • A “Auto Size to Drawing Sheet Size” option has been added to the print files task thus allowing you to batch print multiple drawing (.idw/.dwg) files set to different sheet sizes and orientation.R2 18
            • If you batch plot files to a printer that does not support a specified sheet size, the log file will report the names of the files that contained sheets that were not printed due to an unavailable size.
          • Presentation Mode
            • New presentation file (.ipn) can be created from an open assembly or weldment.
              • Right mouse click top-level browser node and select “Create Presentation” in context menu.
              • Alt+P keyboard combo – This can be customized in the “Customize User Commands” dialog.
            • You can now edit multiple actions: Select multiple actions (CTRL+CLICK)
              • Move: Then drag them to a different location on the timeline.R2 19
                • Drag position before or after other tweaks.
                • When dragging to different start/end times, the selection set maintains the relationship.
              • Change Start/End Time: Modify the start or end time by dragging the cursor when the modify cursor appears.R2 20
                • Selected actions do not have to share a time span.
              • Modify Duration: Right mouse click and edit the time.R2 21
              • Align Start/End Time: Right mouse click and select “Alight Start or End Time”.R2 22
              • All Before or All After: Select all actions before or after the selected action or play head position.
              • Group: Select all members of a group tweak from one member.
              • Edit Opacity: Edit the opacity of one or more components.
                • Components set to transparent in the assembly, carry that setting into the presentation file.
              • Local/World Direction: Tweak directions can now be based on local (component coordinate) or the world coordinate system.
              • Publishing an image
                • Transparent background option now available.
                • Select from a list of provided resolution or you can specify the resolution.
              • Other presentation improvements
                • Expand or collapse all children in storyboard panel.
                • Performance improvements for presentation functions such as trial/component selection, delete tweaks/storyboards, and creating a storyboard from previous one.
                • Mesh components are supported.
                • Auto-Explode function (found on the Select Assembly dialog box using the create view command) has been removed.

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