Revit Users: Read this tip before upgrading to Vault Professional

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Product Support Manager, Darin Green

Are you using Revit and Vault Professional? Have you upgraded to Vault Professional 2016 and noticed some issues? Make sure you take a look at this tip before you perform your upgrade.

We had a support case regarding a customer’s inability to search Autodesk Vault from within Revit after upgrading to Vault Professional 2016. To confirm the issue, we navigated to the Vault tab > Options. Once there, we noticed on the Searching tab of Vault Options, everything was grayed out.darin1

We attempted a repair on Revit, reinstalling Vault, as well as rebuilding all search indexes, and remove/re-enable Revit Indexing Service without any success.

After a few days of troubleshooting we finally determined the issue. When upgrading Vault to a newer version, you need to perform an additional step. This step is:

Re-index File Properties by opening the Vault ADMS Console > Actions > Re-Index File Properties

When clicking the Calculate button from the Re-Index File Properties dialog, it only read two files will be re-indexed. darin2

Along with performing the additional step above you have to expand the dialog using the chevron icon, then check the box “Force Re-Index”. Once checked and clicking the Calculate button again, the numbers of files to be re-indexed matched the number of files within Vault.darin3

Finally, by clicking the OK button to begin the re-indexing, immediate results were produced within Revit.darin4

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