When to Use Laser Scanning in Building Construction

Laser scanning, also called high definition surveying (HDS), is a method of high-accuracy mapping or reality capture that uses laser beams to quickly capture complete detail of the entire building construction project—much like a camera taking a 360-degree photo, but with an accurate position for every pixel. This detailed 3D representation of the building project is often called a point cloud. Originally applied in the construction and maintenance of industrial plant facilities, laser scanning has since been adopted for many other uses, including building construction and building information modeling (BIM).

Learn more about the benefits of scanning for new construction and renovations:

  • Create as-built documents for the project with records of what’s behind the walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Reduce rework – saving money and time by keeping projects on schedule

See the options when it comes to scanning:

  • Hiring someone
  • Renting a scanner
  • Buying a scanner
  • Hardware and software considerations

Read the complete eBook.

Want to see the latest scanners first hand?  Join us on October 8 for a free, in-person event in Quakertown, PA: Accuracy and Safety: Why you need to look at High Definition Scanning.  Learn more and register.

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