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Posted on August 27, 2015 by Synergis Applications Consultant Dave Breiner

You have an assembly containing several sub-assemblies. You would like to create a drawing of one of the sub-assemblies with a parts list for that sub-assembly.

To show how to accomplish this I will use an assembly of a CNC router table and I would like to isolate the stand under the table so I can get a parts list and build it separately.Dave1

First, I will create a View Representation of the STAND.Dave2

In my drawing, I will use this View Representation (STAND) to create the drawing view.Dave3

Note the check mark in the illustration below.Dave4

When checked, the drawing will be associative to the model and stay up to date with any changes. Leave this unchecked if you want to isolate this view from any further updates.

Place your views as needed.


When you are to place a parts list in the drawing, you will place the full assembly parts list first then edit the list.Dave6

Select the parts list and right click. Select Edit Parts List from the menu.

Select the Filter icon. Next, I am going to select the Assembly View Representation from the list. I then select my STAND View Representation from the list.Dave7

Dave8Dave10Dave10After making you selection, select OK to finish.

Before you leave the Part List editor, you have the option, if needed, to Renumber Items then Override to BOM. In most cases this will not be needed. Select OK to finish.Dave11

The parts list will now contain only the parts shown in this View Representation.Dave12

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Dave Breiner

Dave Breiner joined Synergis in 2013 as a Solutions Engineer on our Manufacturing team with an amazing amount of experience. Coming directly from being a CAD Manager with SPX/Ecolaire, Dave is well versed in implementing and using Autodesk software having transitioned the department from 2D to 3D modeling by developing a 3D modeling program, implementing modeling standards, and creating automated models using iLogic programming. Dave began his career with SPX as a preliminary designer of steam condensers before being promoted to Manager of Drafting. Prior to this, Dave was with Bethlehem Steel for over 20 years, performing many tasks including millwright, rigger and fitter. During this time he also completed his degree in Engineering Design.

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  • Dave,

    You should add that the quantity will be wrong (shows total assembly quantity) and the Renumber Items only works if you have the same design view on all the sheets. If you document a different design view and different parts list on each sheet then you can’t use this.

    Otherwise, nice info,

    Keep up the good work.

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