The Benefits of AutoCAD Mechanical

Thinking about upgrading to AutoCAD Mechanical? Have AutoCAD Mechanical and not using all of its features? The tools within AutoCAD Mechanical can help increase your productivity. AutoCAD Mechanical is designed to save hours of rework and automate many common tasks.

AutoCAD Mechanical features the following:

  • BOM Enhancements: supporting a reverse workflow of creating the BOM first followed by part references, where previously, you needed part references first to add items in the BOM
  • User Interface Enhancement: provides a dark-themed interface to minimize contrast between drawing tools and surrounding space
  • Line Smoothing: enables you to turn on anti-aliasing of drawings to make arcs, circles and grids look smoother, especially when drawn at an angle
  • Content Manager Live Update: allows the ability to download, install and use new standard part content as they are revised and released throughout the year.

Check out this short overview video of AutoCAD Mechanical

Have questions about AutoCAD Mechanical? Contact us today.

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