NJIT Students Create, Design, and Build with Autodesk

Each year, New Jersey Institute of technology shares student work with us.  These projects all use Autodesk software and are amazing so we wanted to share it with you.


Wonderland:Virtual Set Design, Paige Crosby, 3rd Year Digital Design



Wonderland: Virtual Set Design, Jeremy Borghi, 3rd Year Digital Design

ResidentialInteriorDesign_AmyCahill and KatarzynaCyrulik_3rdYear_InteriorDesign_FosterHome

Residential Interior Design: Foster Home, Amy Cahill and Katarzyna Cyrulik, 3rd Year Interior Design



Museum Of Industry, Daton Kim, Brendan Horman, and Kwasi Amankona, 4th Year Mixed Team



Museum Of Industry, Dan Acosta, Kellen Naranjo, Susan Aboelela, 4th Year Mixed Team



Museum Of Industry, Amanda Bibik, Nora Gharib, and Nikki Hsieh, 4th Year Mixed Team



Motion Picture Sequel Virtual Set Design, Thanh Nguyen, 3rd Year Digital Design

Imaginary Worlds: City of Lost Children Invasion


MotionPictureSequelVirtualSetDesign_MateuszMrowiec_3rdYear_DigitalDesign_ImaginaryWorld for Proposed Sequel to The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

Motion Picture Sequel Virtual Set Design, Mateusz Mrowiec, 3rd Year Digital Design

Imaginary World for Proposed Sequel to The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus



Library, Cindy Caldas, 4th Year Interior Design



Expressive Modeling Of Menacing Fruit, Shiao Alice Sung, 3rd Year Digital Design



Creativity Center For Culinary Arts, Samantha Cato, 2nd Year Interior Design



Commercial Interior Design,Alyssa Diaz, 3rd Year Interior Design Commercial Space



Chess Set: Amar Sohan, 1st Year, Digital Design



Character Design And Story, Kwasi Amankona, 4th Year Digital Design


Image converted using ifftoany


Character Design: Cast for Recycling Animation, Brandon Simms, 4th Year Digital Design


Image converted using ifftoany

Character Design, Brandon Simms, 4th Year Digital Design



Character Design: Flower Character, Angela Ang, 4th Year Digital Design



Center For Creativity, Stephanie Rodrigues, 2nd Year Interior Design



Center For Creativity, Chelsea Chamra, 2nd Year Interior Design



Cafe Design, Maria Romo, 2nd Year Interior Design



Cafe Design, James Lischick, 2nd Year Interior Design



Cafe Design, Chelsea Chamra, 2nd Year Interior Design



Cafe Design, Angelica McKenzie, 2nd Year Interior Design


Have designs you want us to share?  Send them to us!

New Jersey Institute of Technology is preparing students with industry-desired skill sets.  To learn more about their programs and their graduates, see the School of Architecture and Design or the School of Art and Design of NJIT..  To learn more about Autodesk solutions, Ask an Expert.

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