Webcast: How to Get Free Autodesk Software for Your Classroom

Earlier this year, Autodesk announced that they are encouraging engineering and design in the classroom by offering institutions free software for their classrooms.  This software is completely free, so schools that could not offer industry-leading tools, can now equip their classrooms with real-world tools and successfully prepare their students for employment.

We are offered this free, live webcast to help you learn where to get your licenses and some tips and tricks to installing it in a classroom environment.  Watch the recording below:

Synergis has been supporting schools, teachers, IT teams, and students  for two decades.  We have been Education specialized because we have experience working with school IT teams to install and implement software in the classroom setting.  We have guided teachers in design questions and helped student download their own software from the Student Community.


Darin Green

Darin Green

John McCarten

John McCarten

John McCarten, Public Sector Solutions, and Darin Green, Product Support Specialist, presented this webcast.  John is the Account Manager for all of the education customers and specializes in helping schools get the software, support, and training that they need to inspire future designers, architects, and engineers.  Darin is a technical genius that has been helping schools maintain their classrooms for the last five years.  He knows all the ins and outs of using software in the classroom which is often different than a commercial environment.


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