Testing Wind Force on Your Products? Simulate It.

Formerly Project Falcon, Autodesk Flow Deflowdesignsign has graduated to the Autodesk product line!  In order for a project to make the step to the product level, it needs to be used by enough users to give feedback and patience as the application is developed and reworked over a couple of years or more.  Project Falcon received a lot of talk and use over the last year and became a focus for the Autodesk team as they expand their simulation line.

You may remember Jim Swain, Synergis Project Manager for Manufacturing Solutions, discussed Project Falcon in previous posts, Falcon Goes Further and Hey You Cub Scout Leaders and Parents (a post about creating a pine derby car for the scouts).  To make the pine derby car, Jim used Project Falcon to determine the drag on the designed cars to reduce final work and physical prototypes that needed to be tested for wind currents.  Admittedly, blocks of pine are not a huge price concern for manufacturers, however, imagine how much your products cost when they get to market.  Would you save money by building less physical prototypes?  How much time to market could you cut by not waiting for physical prototypes to be built and manually tested?  Suddenly, Autodesk Flow Design begins to make sense to save big dollars.

Check out this video from Autodesk.

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