Autodesk Point Layout: Reduce Work, Prevent Errors, and Avoid Costs

You may have seen recently Autodesk has acquired a new technology into their family of products to announce the new solution Autodesk Point Layout.  With this product release, Autodesk takes BIM information beyond the computer design to aid with field operations.  Autodesk Point Layout allows design and fabrication office professionals to create installation points inside a digital model.  These points are then downloaded to a robotic total station.  Field professionals can identify service installation locations with laser accuracy.  Once installed these field points can be relayed back into the model to aid the As-Built construction development phase of a project.

Although this technology has been on the market for only a few weeks it is already creating a buzz around the Design and Construction industry.  Professionals realize this is a game changer with their operations.  We are hearing the following comments:

  • Dramatically reduces field layout work over traditional methods
  • Prevents common field installation errors making installation more reliable
  • It will avoid costly rework further in the construction process

Autodesk Point Layout is closing the gap in the Virtual Design Construction workflow by utilizing model generated design data to making it available in the field process.  Learn more.


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  • Hi,

    I tried this plug with revit 2014 but it doesn’t works !
    I have an error message box showing “EROR:Failed to get or create Shared Params Group”.
    The only thing that its works well is to drag an drop the GTP familly in my project.

    Could someone tell me why do i have this error message, please ?



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