Autodesk Homestyler (aka Project Dragonfly) is Now a Mobile App

Autodesk® Homestyler® is now available as a mobile app to anyone for free.  Previously, Homestyler was Project Dragonfly on Autodesk Labs, offered as a free download on your PC.  Autodesk has now released that product as a free Mobile App.

With Homestyler, you can use your own designs to arrange furniture, wall hangings, rugs, lighting fixtures, and more to find your perfect style to fit your space whether it is a small New York City loft or a large ranch in the country.

Get Inspired:

You can use the Design Stream to browse others work and empty spaces, and you can use those as a template  and change the contents as you desire.  You can also share your design options with friends and family on Facebook and email to get feedback.

Get Connected:

With Autodesk Homestyler you can even find professional designers in your area that have similar ideas, so you can ask for feedback, ask specific questions, or hire a professional if you start getting in over your head.

Check out more information on Autodesk Homestyler’s page.

Download it for PC or mobile device.

Homestyler “How To” Guide.

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  • All I wanted to do is take a personal photo of a room and switch known brand colors and see what it looks like, but no, upload toolbar, download a mac app(i’m pc), no user friendly prompts for beginners, doesn’t like my picture upload and offers no way or understanding how to fix or remedy, but it’ll jump right to selling ya something. Now a days this should be easier. I’m not a interior designer, I’m not familiar with terminology, or tools of the trade. Please inform user before download. I wasted a lot of time before going to store to buy paint, I’ll use their applications if any. I don’t want to keep signing on and downloading from one app to another app to run a program that should be so much more simpler, aggrevating. Give us an easy app before moving on to architectural room design. I’m sure you could gain a broader audience with a few simpler steps. It didn’t like anything I tried and offered no solutions. I didn’t want to go into full blow room design. I know enough to immediately remove your software/adware of my computer an protect my e-mail sharing. -nuff said.

    • Hi Jack, Unfortunately this free app does take either a design or you need to drag and drop walls, windows or doors. This may not be the right app for you as it was intended for people who have designs already made for their homes or businesses and can easily make some changes to see how different interior designs may work within the space. On the other hand, if you had an Autodesk Design Suite, there is a new included application that does transform digital photos to designs, however it is not curently available as a mobile app.

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