17 comments on “Important: Installing Multiple AutoCAD Products

  1. Hi, i follow the procedure but i dont have this repertories: Acadm. For all of other repertories is done. i try to lunch setup to my usb data key original product autodestk prenium suite design. And that fail agains. Each time i launche setup. he start a new repertories temp, with temps file for setup. he dont use the files as modificated. Can you help me.

  2. Few day before i install autocad 2013 and revit 2013. I activate de licence. Now i desactivated de licence. and i try to install autoccad mep 2013. and i have the same error.

  3. Finaly i un install all my product autodesk 2013 ans dellete all temporaly file. manualy i use ccleaner after. i lunch setup to my usb key drive. i select all production i want. and it’s installed completly. That work perfectly.
    Tank. Benoit.

  4. For any problem just look into the log file that is created from the failed installation and find the reason, when you find it go into the root folder of the disk copy everything to a folder in your computer, then open and edit the “setup.ini” and find the “[GLOBAL_MSI_PROPERTIES]” under this line look for the problem i.e (Install .NET Framework Runtime 4.0 Failed Installation aborted, Result=1603) for this problem remove the “NET4;” from the line.

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    • Hi Zeyad,

      This solution is only for AutoCAD based applications due to the combined installation files associated with basic AutoCAD. Can you email me the log file from your temp directory?

      To get to your temp directory:
      1. From the start menu, type “%temp%”
      2. Locate the log file which should have the application name.

      I hope this helps. If you would like to contat us, please email us at events@synergis.com.

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