Re:Vision Architecture Turns to Synergis EDS to Maximize Their Investment

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Earlier this year at Synergis University, we had Re:Vision Architecture present on Building the New Synergis Home: BIM, Adaptive Reuse, and Collaboration.  Drew Lavine, RA, LEED AP, Re:Vision Architecture, presented the process of transforming an old hosiery factory to open, bright technology offices that will soon hold all of our local employees.  You can see the slidedeck of his presentation

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What’s in the 2015 Autodesk Simulation Portfolio?


Simulation can mean a lot of things to a lot of people: testing, analyzing, quality assurance, product research and development or just plain design.  Wikipedia defines simulation as: “the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics or

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Can You Survive Without BIM? New BIM eBook to Keep You Competitive

BIM eBook

Can you survive without BIM?  So far, some firms have been holding out with concerns over costs, skill sets of the employees they have, and all the unknowns that come with implementing new processes and technology.  Autodesk and Synergis aim to clear up the confusion and help you step into BIM while minimizing interruption in your current workflows.  The real

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NJIT Students Create, Design, and Build with Autodesk


Each year, New Jersey Institute of technology shares student work with us.  These projects all use Autodesk software and are amazing so we wanted to share it with you. Wonderland:Virtual Set Design, Paige Crosby, 3rd Year Digital Design   Wonderland: Virtual Set Design, Jeremy Borghi, 3rd Year Digital Design Residential Interior Design: Foster Home, Amy Cahill and Katarzyna Cyrulik, 3rd

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Why Should I Upgrade My Autodesk Licenses Now?


Autodesk announced earlier this year that as of February 1, 2015, upgrade pricing will go away. This means that you will lose any value to your licenses and will need to purchase new licenses in the future at full price. We have received a lot of questions about this announcement, so we wanted to help clear up some details… Q:

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5 Things to Know about Autodesk Cloud Credits

Cloud Service Subscription 2015 Hero Image

Autodesk Cloud Credits allow you to use services like cloud rendering and simulation. We get a lot of questions around cloud credits so we wanted to give you the most relevant information to motivate you to try the cloud components today. You can see all this information and more on the Autodesk Knowledge Network page on Autodesk Cloud Credits.  We

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Webcast: How to Get Free Autodesk Software for Your Classroom


Earlier this year, Autodesk announced (link) that they are encouraging engineering and design in the classroom by offering institutions free software for their classrooms.  This software is completely free, so schools that could not offer industry-leading tools, can now equip their classrooms with real-world tools and successfully prepare their students for employment. We are offering a free, live webcast to

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